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How to Optimize Your Business Profile for SEO on Instagram 

How to Optimize Your Business Profile for SEO on Instagram 

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What is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO is the art of optimizing your Instagram profile so that it appears in platform search results. When someone searches for phrases relevant to your company on Instagram, you want your account or content to appear toward the top of the list – and Instagram SEO methods may help you reach this aim.

Instagram search results include relevant content, accounts, audio, hashtags, and places.

There are additional keyword results pages that are intended for browsing. Each search results page (marked by a magnifying glass) is basically a keyword Explore page.


Instagram Profile SEO

Your Instagram bio is an important component of SEO for Instagram. It’s a critical place to include relevant keywords and search terms.

Use your Instagram bio to add context for both human visitors and search engine bots. Who are you, and what do you stand for? What type of material can users (and Instagram’s search engine) expect to see in your grid?

Instagram name SEO

Instagram handle SEO is selecting a handle and profile name that are relevant to your content and contain phrases that people will search for while looking for accounts like yours.

If your brand name is well-known, this is the greatest place to start. Include a relevant term in your handle or name if space allows.

Add a location to your bio

If it is relevant to your firm, provide a location in your bio. Only Business accounts can add a location, so if you haven’t already, there is still more incentive to upgrade to a business account.

To add a profile location for Instagram bio SEO, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile icon. Tap Edit Profile, then Contact Options. Enter your address, being as specific or as general as you like. You can enter your specific street address if that’s relevant, or just use your city.

Your location is only shown on your app profile page, not on the online version of Instagram. However, once tied to your account, it serves as a ranking indicator to the Instagram search engine, regardless of whether your target audience uses the app or the web.

Make sure your company location is taggable so it displays on Instagram’s searchable map for extra Instagram search points.

Why is Instagram SEO so important?

People used to find new Instagram substance mostly via hashtags or the Explore page. Those days are long gone. People now utilize search to find certain categories of content on Instagram (and other social media platforms). Did you know a good SEO is not complete without an outstanding website speed, check this out.

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