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Website Development

Website design creates a platform that provides an online presence for your brand and business. A website is where prospective and loyal customers get adequate knowledge about your brand, business, services, products, news, terms, office address, and other important information.

As a leading web development agency in Nigeria, we design websites that optimize your conversion funnel, maximize your digital presence, and provide effective lead generation.

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Why You Need A Professional Website Design For Your Business.

If you want to improve your sales and play the odds in your favour, you should consider designing or revamping your website today to garner the benefits of having a website for your brand or business. If you are still unsure whether you need a website or not, here are a few benefits of having a website:

  • Competitive Edge

    It gives you a competitive edge

  • Credibility

    It creates a good first impression and helps to build credibility with potential and existing clients

  • Marketing Tool

    It serves as a marketing tool to expand your market and promote your business

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We build websites that communicate to visitors

UX / UI design

We provide an ongoing UI/UX web design process, offshore development team management, and an agile approach to constant design improvements. The process is iterative, highly interactive, and requires effective collaboration.

User experience design (UX) is not just a trending buzzword; it’s a must for modern professional companies. Startups, IT businesses—even multi-sector enterprises require the services of experienced UX/UI designers.

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Website Development

Do you struggle to hire the right local tech talent on time? Are you upset with the high attrition rate within your in-house team? Improve and scale your delivery capacity with a dedicated team of web developers. At Duce Campaign, we are continually cultivating our web development capacity to ensure the best experience for our customers. We already work successfully with clients from across the world.

Website Management

Duce Campaign does not just get your business online but also makes sure your business stay online. When the design is done and has been launched, someone needs to be responsible for its ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and tech support.

We will keep your website updated and well-maintained. You’ll get regular backups and reports. Content and design updates keep your site fresh and focused while online marketing strategies ensure that customers discover your business online.

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Website Revamp

Create a beautiful site that drives revenue with website redesign services from Duce Campaign. Website redesign services help to transform a website’s existing look and feel via UX and UI revamp. We cover the full cycle of website redesign – including UI and UX audit, loading speed optimization, and content migration – to ensure longer visitor sessions and a higher conversion rate.

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Our Business And e-Commerce Website Packages

Our Proven Website Design and Development Process

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Our team of dedicated website design, development, and maintenance professionals understands that no two projects are the same. So, inspired by the data, each client embarks on their own digital journey based on the results. Whether it’s a fully responsive website, creative marketing campaign, e-commerce platform, or technical web service, we help our clients reach their goals in an honest, educational and transparent way.

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The first step in our development process is the panning, it’s a time for the creation of sitemaps and wireframes. A sitemap is made with the information collected from the client. A wireframe provides a visual description of a site. Other than that, decide what functions and features you want in a site. This function includes login, email subscription, admin, live chat, and so much more.

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The next step is the design phase. Your web design is a key part of the success of your online business. The web design is created according to the targeted audience. A website that you are designing for school is entirely different than what you are designing for goods. Other things to keep in mind are a theme, colour contract, where to place text, images, videos, etc.

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In this stage, the design of your website is now under our developers to run the codes and plugins on it. This is the most crucial step in development. Our web developer will use plugins, codes, and other tools on the site to make it function and run smoothly. We start making your website. Other elements designed in the previous steps are utilized to create an actual web page.

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After the development process, now it’s time to write the content on your website. Excellent and engaging content is necessary to grab the attention of the people. Then every page and link are tested before launching the site to make sure nothing is broken. All the necessary tests are performed on a website before finally launching it on the World Wide Web.