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7 Kinds of Social Media Content Sure to Increase Engagement

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Here are Seven Kinds of Content That Will Impress Your Followers on Social Media

If you want more engagement, shares, likes, and follows from your social media posts, you should consider what kind of content gives value to your audience. Value, in this context, refers to a rate of return (ROI). So, you need to be sure that you are implementing these seven kinds of social media content that are sure to increase engagement.

In this article, we will explore the different types of content that will impress your followers on social media, so you can choose those that will both engage your audience and benefit your business.

Educational Content

The research conducted by BuzzSumo and OkDork found that educational content like How-to and list post content tend to do well in terms of shares. Longer articles were also shown, by New York Times, to have a higher rate of email sharing among readers.

Free materials, video tutorials, infographics, frequently asked questions, market studies, case studies, and helpful tips are all good examples of social media content.

But, how do you go about making content that actually teaches something?

  • Create some humor with your writing.
  • Write something that encourages participation and then respond to readers’ comments to make your content more interactive.
  • Mix up your usual routines by using new elements, such as video if you usually just write and host webinars.
  • In order to capture your audience’s attention, you need to tell stories that they can relate to and are personal to them.
  • Explain fascinating biographies. Hold a virtual event. Highlight a book or documentary. Focus on retaining customers rather than just acquiring them as you write content.

Inspirational Content

Earnest Dichter found that the reasons people share tend to revolve around the sharer themselves. There are typically four main reasons why someone would talk about a brand online:   

  • Firstly, approximately 33% of the time, it’s because the event was so enjoyable, special, or new that it simply must be shared.
  • The second, (about 24%) is to get people to pay attention to you by demonstrating your superiority over them. For instance – you may have access to proprietary information or have connections to a restricted group of buyers.
  • Thirdly, about 20% comes from a desire to help, show affection, or friendship.
  • The fourth, (about 20%) is because the content is so great, amusing, or brilliant that it must be shared.  

The social media content that you can utilize includes images, personal stories of success, astounding facts and trivia, and quotes.

Now the question is, how can you use inspirational content for your online channels? 

  • Use question and answer websites like Quora to get ideas on what your target audience would find interesting.
  • You can find inspiring content with the help of search engines and tools like Post Planner and Buzzsumo.
  • The likes of Canva and QuotesCover can be used to share quotes.
  • Share about other people’s inspirational posts.
  • Make sure to include references to pop culture. 
  • Go through Reddit to find interesting content 
  • Use an online resource like Upworthy, which provides a wide range of inspirational content.

Interactive Content

People share social media content based on their mental images of themselves that may or may not accurately reflect reality. This is why some people voice their opinions on current events, express their outrage over certain situations, or discuss the achievements of those they like in the hopes of modeling their own lives after their own.

The social media content that you can utilize for this are quizzes, polls, games, questions, videos, infographics, photo captions, viral contests, product finders, virtual reality, ask me anything, and calculators.

How do you keep your readers interested and breathe new life into stale content? Consider the following suggestions:

  • Make use of infographics to inform and educate prospective customers.
  • Raising collective awareness using a test, like the Ultimate History Quiz.
  • Use animated GIFs instead of videos since they provide the same information without forcing the viewer to actively engage with the material.
  • This HubSpot assessment calculator is just one example of how you can use the platform to generate leads.
  • Strengthen ties with your audience. Make social media contests where users may submit their own material to increase engagement.
  • Polls are a great way to gauge interest and learn more about your target demographic.

Connecting Content

There are many different kinds of content you may use to connect with your users on social media, such as:

  • Pictures and video from behind the scenes
  • Previews of upcoming products for your followers
  • Stories
  • Visual documentation of your daily life (including hobbies, vacations, and family)
  • Nostalgia-related posts
  • Recognition of helpful organizations and enterprises
  • Features of Employees
  • Picture moments captured at the events you attend
  • Fan appreciation
  • Proclaiming your favorite cause
  • Requesting feedback or opinions

Promotional Content

Promos, coupons, discounts, freebies for sign-ups, customer testimonials, and webinars are all examples of content types that can be used on social media for marketing purposes.

How can you make promotional content that actually adds value and wows your audience?

  • Figure out your target audience.
  • Use visual media and color to make the promotional content stand out.
  • Pick the best methods to get the word out there.
  • Avoid confusing your audience by keeping your message straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Set a time frame
  • Develop your campaign around key performance indicators.
  • Get ready for an influx of orders.

Newsworthy Content

It might be difficult for many businesses to share interesting news stories. There is a great deal of competition. More importantly, it usually takes a lot of resources to produce this kind of content. Companies like CNN and the BBC, who have the means to have journalists and correspondents stationed across the world, and sites with a limited news focus, like MacRumors and The Verge, are examples of organizations that are in the news business.

If you’re not in the news business, what other options are open to you? Curation might be the answer.

In your industry, how do you accomplish this?

  • Make a collection of the work of other researchers.
  • Gather relevant graphic content and compile it.
  • Review your feedback for insight to curate.
  • Obtain the opinion of a key figure in your industry and use it to help you compile information.
  • Inspire your audience to engage or share.
  • Create something unique and engaging out of something mundane and uninteresting.

Entertaining Content

According to a study conducted at UCLA, our preferences in the information and ideas we share on social media have a neurological basis. This sharing tends to occur in three content types, one of which is the kind that entertains. From a business perspective, entertaining content can help personalize the firm, making the brand seem more approachable and relevant to the target demographic.

Puzzles, festive posts, jokes, comics, funny memes, viral videos, competitions, freebies, and throwbacks are all examples of the entertaining social media material.

How do you, then, create content that is entertaining to your audience? 

  • Take advantage of information that individuals are compelled to share, such as juicy nuggets.  
  • Share in real-time. 
  • Be a part of something bigger like a viral challenge.
  • Make your audience feel smart by skillfully handling a delicate issue.


You may maximize the impact of your social media content by experimenting with any of the seven types of content we’ve covered.

However, before starting, you need to research your target demographic to find out more about their needs and interests. No guarantee of success exists simply because we have demonstrated the efficacy of these types of content. There is a good chance that the requirements and desires of your target audience will be vastly different from those you cater to. 

Develop a social media plan that is tailored to your target audience by learning as much as possible about them through analytics and experimenting with various types of content.

Check out our awesome social media services to learn more about how we can use these types of social media content to garner all the likes and shares from your audience.

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