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Getting Traffic But Not Enough Sales? Do These 5 Things Now

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Getting Traffic But Not Enough Sales? Do These 5 Things Now!

The fact that you’re getting traffic but not enough sales don’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. This is a common problem for e-commerce businesses, and we are confident that you can fix it.

This article gives a clear insight into the five most common reasons why you’re getting traffic but not making sales. We’ll walk you through what you need to do to get your business up and running and start converting traffic right away.

The Landing Page for your Customers

Customer landing pages should deliver on the promises made in your marketing campaign. If you’re getting traffic but no sales, it could be because you’re sending customers to the wrong page. And, If you’re landing customers on the wrong page, you may not be able to convert them into paying customers.

You don’t want to waste your time and money marketing your products only to have them land on a page that doesn’t meet their needs.

Is Your Website User-friendly? 

You don’t have to give your customers a bad shopping experience if you take a different approach. Make sure that your website’s design is simple and easy to use, even if you aren’t there to guide customers through it. If you’re getting a lot of traffic but no sales, your store’s navigation may be to blame.

A difficult-to-navigate website will deplete your trust faster than anything else. Why? Trust is the most important factor in online shopping. Customers who find it easy to locate the items they’re interested in are more likely to continue their search. Here are other frequently asked questions about the user-friendliness of a website that could be of help.

Optimization of Your Product Pages

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to product pages; it’s all about what works best for your audience. In order to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips for creating killer product pages: 

  • Images: Every product page should have at least four high-quality images.
  • Title: Make sure your product titles are clear, concise, and consistent.
  • Descriptions: Your descriptions should be consistent with your brand voice. Make sure to keep things simple when possible.
  • Reviews: The influence of other people’s opinions cannot be understated. Use customer reviews to help you convert new customers.
  • Stock meter: Consider using a stock meter to show how many products are still available. Your customers will be more likely to buy from you if the product you’re selling has a limited supply.
  • CTA: Customers will be more likely to convert if you use a strong call-to-action (CTA).

Optimization of Your Checkout Process

Checkout procedures that ask for as little personal information, time, and effort from your customers as possible are generally considered to be the best.  When it comes to the checkout process, there are things to consider;

Is it a credible source? Is it easy for customers to buy from you? Prior to making a purchase, do you require each customer to create an account with your company? Is that really necessary if you do?

Analyze the entire process to see if there are any obvious ways to make it better. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get what they want.  You can also read our seven guides to fully optimize your website.

Are Your Policies Definite?

Transparency is one of the ways you can build trust and start converting traffic into sales. Make it easy for potential customers to find important information, such as your return policy or shipping times, on your website. Customers appreciate it when you’re upfront and honest with them.  

Are your policies open and definite? If not, they may be a blocker stopping your traffic from converting into sales.


Any one of the suggestions in this post could be the answer to a problem you’re having with your business website, so put what you’ve learned to good use right away. 

In the comments section below, please post any questions you may have about e-commerce or conversion optimization. We’ll be happy to answer them for you. You can also book a free consultation with our team of experts at Ducehost.


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