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Branding and Graphics Design

People love to see great-looking pictures, and as a result, striking graphic design is non-negotiable when it comes to your company’s branding. A professional graphic design forms a vital part of a company’s outlook and contributes to the overall success of its marketing campaigns. Every business needs to be able to grab its viewers’ attention through graphics without the need for long texts. Hence, the reason you need to employ the services of a professional graphic design company in Nigeria who can provide authentic and creative designs that connects with your audience better.
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As an expert graphic designer, we also provide logo design corporate identity design, and printing services in Nigeria and the rest of the world. Our graphic design services are bespoke, top-notch and affordable.

Logo and Business Card

The perfect logo invites your audience to connect with you instantly. Nail that first impression with a stunning logo. A cool business card design makes you polished and professional, seal the deal with an unforgettable business card. Start a design contest and our creative designers will create a custom logo with business cards you’ll love, guaranteed.

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Duce Campaign - Full Brand Guide & Story

Full Brand Guide & Story

Having a set of clearly laid out controls for your brand is crucial. This can include your company name, logo, fonts, colors, images, illustrations, and tone of voice. Your brand identity controls every aspect of your design system and ensures that your communications and messaging are consistent across everything. We help startups and established companies develop strong brand identities.

Social Media Branding

Social media brandings are your way to make an impression on your customers. Innovative social media page designs that stay fresh are one that creatively infuses a prospect experience, and glue the prospect to your page enabling them to make decisions. We make an impression on every social media page.

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Graphics and Motion Graphics content

We understand the importance of static and motion graphic content design in your overall digital marketing strategy, hence, the reason we create designs that convert and can serve as a lead magnet.

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DuceCampaign - Stationary mockup sample
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Our Branding and Graphics Design Packages

Our Proven Branding and Graphics Design Process

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Clients often say that our approach to work is unique and makes us stand out. Being curious about nature means that we want to learn as much as we can before putting the pen to the paper, and we have found that strategies help us build our creative thinking. 

Our approach to work utilizes research and strategy as the foundation of all design ideas and rationale. We believe that we add the most value when involved in a project from the word go through to launch.

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We undertake our own quantitative and qualitative research, and key-stakeholder engagement, and draw insights from world-leading trend platforms to understand customers, markets, and opportunities. By formulating a client-specific research plan we undertake any tasks that we feel will help to educate us.

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We help brands with positioning, stretch opportunities, relaunches, and experience mapping to accelerate business growth. We find that a robust strategy helps add structure to our creative thinking and paves the way forward for the design. An experience map also allows stakeholders to get on board before subjectivity sets in.

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We create evidential designs across branding, physical space, and digital platforms to drive customer connection and sales. Using knowledge from research and direction from strategy, our multidisciplinary team put their heads together to dream big and create the unexpected, including concept design, design development, and technical design.